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    To protect a PDF that is visible on a website for not download/open.... outside the site


      Hello, I need to show some PDF to some user in our intranet using adobe acrobat web-plugin bar but We need that the user can not download it

      and can not print it .... just see it ...


      I know that the web-plugin bar has a parametre that enable o disable the download and print buttom for the user but ...... our problem is that if the

      brower has showed the PDF, you can go to the TEMP internet explorer directory and get the .pdf file and open it / print it / and do want you want with it.


      There are any way for protect the temp pdf file that the  brower download for to prevent that user get the file ???  for example .. could I use a password

      for open it .... and that the web-plugin use the password for show it???


      Thanks a lot