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    Accessing LCDS application built with maven




      Because LCDS application is WAR, I deployed all adobe artifacts to local maven repository and created maven archetype as project template.

      We use JBOSS 5.1 with LCDS 3.0 on Redhat linux 5.5. Then I installed Flash Builder 4 with Flex SDK 3.4.1 on my workstation.


      I created web application and deployed it to JBOSS. We need to integrate flash builder with RDS. I mapped SFTP network drive in my workstation to redhat server. Created flex application with J2EE using LiveCycleDS RDS. Root folder is set to directory on SFTP network drive and URL is http://server:8080/myapp.


      Everything seems to be OK. But validation says: Only LiveCycle Data Services 2.6 and higher are supported.

      My application is in fact copy of lcds.war, so where is the problem? I started to debug sftp server on redhat to discover what files is flash builder accessing. And

      answer is that flash builder access these 2 files:

      Mar  8 11:22:41 lc-single sftp-server[8972]: stat name "$ROOT_FOLDER/WEB-INF/lib/flex-messaging-data.jar"
      Mar  8 11:22:41 lc-single sftp-server[8904]: stat name "$ROOT_FOLDER/WEB-INF/lib/flex-messaging-core.jar"


      As you know, all maven dependencies have version. So dependencies have name artifactId-version.jar It looks like you must have 2 explicitly named jar files in your WEB-INF/lib directory to integrate LCDS application with flash builder. Of course, after renaming these 2 files everything works properly...


      Is this feature?


      Michal Hlavac