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    Highest Quality Export - 720p


      Hello all,


      I am somewhat new to Adobe Premiere and definitely new to CS5.  I have some uncompressed source footage that is recorded at 720p using the FRAPS codec (I recorded it from some PC games).  When this source footage is played back, it looks exactly as it the game did when I was playing it.  There is no loss in quality whatsoever.


      So I import my FRAPS captured videos in Adobe Premiere, do some editing, adjust / add sound tracks.  Now I'm ready to export.  I cannot for the life of me get the exported quality to come even close to what my source footage looks like.


      I have tried several settings, but most recently I've used:


      H.264 720p 29.97 High Quality.



      Field Order: None (Progressive)

      Aspect Ratio 16:9

      Level 3.2

      Checked the box for "Render at maximum depth"

      Checked the box for "Maximum Render Quality"

      Bitrate: VBR - 2 Pass

      Target and Max bitrate 20mbps


      My 7 minutes of source video is about 10gb of raw footage.  After this exporting it is barely over 1gb.  What am I doing wrong?  I have an EXTREMELY beefy computer so encoding time isn't an issue.  I just want the highest quality video I can get.  I can't even read the text from the game.


      Thanks for your help.