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    Flex image upload and resizing


      Help please ... need to make an application:

      1. Selecting images from disk without loading the server.
      2. Ability to edit it (increase / decrease proportionally with a slider and drag)
      3.1 Reduction should work in such a way that no gaps in the editable area (the picture should "stick to the edges of the editor). One editor can be 600 * 300.
      3.2 If a picture is trying to get smaller window sizes, it is necessary to increase by 20%.If even then the picture is less - to give a message.
      4. When you drag a picture there should be no gaps.
      5. If possible, come up with the "remove red eye" - (When you select a picture and click on the button were removed red eye in photos) or ideas to implement this function.



      Where can I find books? or can someone help me do it! :(((((((((