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    Databinding and webservices


      Hi everyone,


      Here is a little question about databing external data, i don't even know if that kind of thing is possible.


      I have a client that is developed in Flex/AIR, and i would like to reach data from JBoss hosted SOAP webservices. But i don't only want to reach and display the results, i also want to be able to edit data.

      And i would like to be able to do it simply, like with the magic feature called databinding, to use the auto-refresh feature.


      Actually, to be more accurate, what i would like to do is to get an client-server application, which can broadcast changes from one client to the other connected clients. But with usual use of webservice, i cannot contact clients to require a refresh (and until now, they used on the project SOAP webservices the usual/classic way to read/write data).


      So, is there a way to bind webservice to use the autorefresh feature embedded in the databinding feature?

      Knowing that i should read and write data using two different webservices, i don't think so, but i don't really have a clue about how to implement simply this matter, so i prefer asking you how you would do to make such an application.


      Thank you very much!!