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    With Adobe Reader X, and Protected Mode enabled, pdf files cannot be inserted into MS Products

    Bailey's Dad

      I have users who need to be able to insert pdf files into MS Word or Powerpoint 2007 who have been able to do so in previous versions of Reader, but with the new Protected Mode in Reader X can no longer do so if Protected Mode is enabled, which it is by default.


      The insert object feature works if I disable the Protected Mode. OK... I would like to know what risks am I opening myself up to if I do that. I tried setting a "Trusted Location", being a folder on the company network, to insert the pdf files from in Reader's Enhanced Security settings but that did not work.


      The pdf files involved are generated in house and do not contain potentially dangerous code, but what happens when I encounter pdf files from outside the company?


      I would appreciate any available insight.


      Thank you in advance.


      Bailey's Dad