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    Reader X on 64-bit Windows 7 Citrix VM will not preview


      I am unable to see PDF documents in the Windows 7 (64-bit) explorer "Preview Pane" unless I first launch then exit Adobe Reader 10.0.1.  If I try the preview before doing this, I get a system error such as that documented on several posts - "This file can't be previewed," "An Internal Error Occurred," application exception, etc.


      I investigated the fix at http://www.pretentiousname.com/adobe_pdf_x64_fix/, but the registry key is configured correctly already.  I can find no significant differences running a registry compare; all I have to do is launch Reader one time and the preview operation works until I log out of the VM and back in.


      Is this something peculiar to running in Citrix?  Is there a setting that should be "pre-configured" to avoid this?  We're preparing for Enterprise rollout and using the VM for pilot tests.