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    Wrong file modification times through api?

    PeterPow Level 1

      Hello guys,


      it seems to me that the CS5 server has a problem with the file modification date. The first time I saw this was when I tried to get the modification time of the current document opened on the server through app.documents[0].filePath.modified. It always returned the wrong time and I was not able to fix this, so I let the feature down. Now I think I found another situation where this "bug" seems to take place.


      - Export a story into incopy format (icml)

      - change the local icml-file

      - update the link on the server, everything ok

      - another change on the local file

      - update the link, and now, the content is not updated

      - save document

      - restart server

      - open document again

      - update link, and the content is updated correctly


      Maybe this two problems are connected but I can not say this for sure. I hope a developer can take a look at this.