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    HHC4006: Warning message


      I'm getting warnings in my nightly build log files such as the following:

      HHC4006: Warning:
      The file "src\ct\image\1panehlp_shg.gif" is already listed in the [FILES] section of the project file.


      My first thought is because we are creating symbolic links from a source directory to the project directory. Hence, duplications.

      But my next thought is that I would see this type of duplication for more than just images since we are essentially duplicating our topics via symbolic links.

      I did a search in Visual Studio of all occurences of "1panehlp_shg.gif" and here's the result of the search:

      Find all "1panehlp_shg", Subfolders, Find Results 1, "X:\doc_4x\html\apps"

        X:\doc_4x\html\apps\projects\all_apps\rhbag.apj(5): <name>src\ct\image\1panehlp_shg.gif</name>

        X:\doc_4x\html\apps\projects\all_apps\src\ct\control_table_of_contents_rtf\using_help.htm( 30):<p class="Fig_Center"><img src="../image/1panehlp_shg.gif" alt="image\1panehlp_shg.gif"

        X:\doc_4x\html\apps\projects\all_apps\src\ct\control_table_of_contents_rtf\using_help.htm( 31): title="image\1panehlp_shg.gif" width="469"


        X:\doc_4x\html\apps\projects\ct\rhbag.apj(5): <name>src\ct\image\1panehlp_shg.gif</name>

        X:\doc_4x\html\apps\projects\ct\src\ct\control_table_of_contents_rtf\using_help.htm(30):<p class="Fig_Center"><img src="../image/1panehlp_shg.gif" alt="image\1panehlp_shg.gif"

        X:\doc_4x\html\apps\projects\ct\src\ct\control_table_of_contents_rtf\using_help.htm(31): title="image\1panehlp_shg.gif" width="469"

        X:\doc_4x\html\apps\src\ct\control_table_of_contents_rtf\using_help.htm(30):<p class="Fig_Center"><img src="../image/1panehlp_shg.gif" alt="image\1panehlp_shg.gif"

        X:\doc_4x\html\apps\src\ct\control_table_of_contents_rtf\using_help.htm(31): title="image\1panehlp_shg.gif" width="469"

        Matching lines: 9    Matching files: 6    Total files searched: 42201


      This is what I expected to see. We keep all the images and .htm in the "\html\apps\src..." folders and then we symbolically link to project folders, such as "\html\apps\projects\ct...". The "all_apps" folder was a pipe dream of one day housing everything in one large, RH project. took too long to compile. surprise.


      Can someone tell me what this warning is and how to correct it? So far google has provided me with a list of other company's logs. yay.