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    CS5 RAM preview is slow if I do other things while it's building

    Imaginary Rob Level 1

      Good morning!


      I'm experiencing a strange issue.  1080/29.97 comp on an 8-core w/ 16GB.  Multi-proc rendering is off.


      If I RAM preview the comp (800 frames or so) and wait while AE builds the RAM preview, it plays back fine & at speed.


      If I start the RAM preview, then go work in Photoshop while it's building, then return to AE and attempt to play it down, I have the green bar like a normal RAM preview, but it plays very slowly -- almost as if it's re-rendering every frame (actually slower than if I just hit spacebar to render&play on the fly).. maybe 1fps.  If I stop and play those frames that it's slogged through, they then play normally.


      Is it possible that RAM previewing while I'm using another app (e.g., Photoshop) is resulting in the frames being written to swap disk or elsewhere so that they're being re-read into RAM when I actually try to play it?  Disk caching is disabled in the AE Prefs, but...?


      Thanks in advance for any ideas -- very annoying.