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    Support for Audio, and Eventually, Presenter and Captivate Conversion


      I undertstand that Wallaby is still very much in development, but as Adobe is looking for feedback, I think it's useful to directly address where and how Wallaby can be used to improve Adobe's existing product line. For me, Wallaby could be used to export Adobe Presenter presentations and Adobe Captivate demonstrations into a HTML5/CSS3/JS format so that content created using those applications would be viewable on iOS devices. I understand that you can view Flash-based content on Adroid OS and (soon) Blackberry Playbook devices, but given that a huge chunk of the mobile world uses iOS, they're going to miss out on content created in those tools.


      To get to that point, Wallaby would obviously need to have basic support for sound export. I don't think that full support for the ActionScript Sound API would be needed. Simple synchronization of playback to elements in the exported animation would be more than sufficient. That would require a bit of custom JavaScript and supporting the different versions of the <audio> tag across platforms, but I'm sure that the team at Adobe is smart enough to figure out how to do this.