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    ??Creating page curl effect


      I am trying to create an interative catalog for my small business.( I would like to do something similar to the online catalog that Kohls department store has http://kohls.shoplocal.com/kohls/default.aspx?action=nuep&AdRef=frombuyonline. ). When the user goes to the corner, I would like the page to curl and give them the ability to turn it like a book.  I would also like to keep all of my interactive scripting on each page (ie small popup box when the user rolls over an item, larger popup box when they click on an item) I am currently using Flash Pro CS5 to create the rollover/popup boxes, but do not know how to create the page curl effect.  I  know that InDesign can apply this effect to my pages, but am having issues with this working completely.  I have placed my flash pro cs5 .swf file (which contains my invisible buttons and scripting.) into my InDesign doc.  I then export this InDesign doc as a .swf  and also generate an html file.  When I open the swf or html file, there is a big grey flash logo on the page.   If I click on it, the page loads and I am able to interact as I would like and also turn the page with the curl effect.  The problem is that every time I turn the page it loads the gray flash logo and I have to click on it again to load the page. An even bigger problem is when I embed the InDesign swf file to my webpage the gray flash logo is still there and even when I click on it,  it doesn’t load the page.  Is there a way to get both interactivity (ie rollover/popupboxes) and the page curl effect I want? Is there a program that will make it easy for me to do both?