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    PrE 8 prevent transcode of 352x240 frame resolution video?


      I'm trying to reorganize video originally recorded on a DVD recorder appliance using a low frame resolution, 352x240. Since this source material is compliant with DVD specs, it should not require transcoding. But it's not clear to me how to prevent transcoding in Premier Elements 8 of video that's not 720x480. The material is already of low quality, so transcoding will only make it worse. Plus, if it is transcoded, closed captions embedded in the MPEG-2 user data will be lost, and I do not want to lose the CC data. So, how can I "tune" Premier Elements 8 so it will not transcode this DVD compliant source material?


      FWIW, I can do what I want with Ulead DVD Movie Factory 4. However, it's installed on a old, slow, 32 bit celeron desktop and I'd like to take advantage of my new i5 quad core laptop that has Premier Elements 8 pre-installed.