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    SOAP Server Root


      I am setting up a new publication automation system.


      I have a Flex front-end in the browser that calls InDesign Server via SOAP.  Everything works perfectly on my local.  But when I move my flash files to a production server I'm getting a security error.


      I think I need to put a crossdomain.xml file on the root of the SOAP server... but - I have no idea where that root is!  I've searched everywhere (and dropped files in dozens of places hoping to stumble across it) but no luck.


      Does anybody know where the SOAP root is?  e.g.  when I type:  http://myserver:8888 which shows my SOAP config -> what folder is that?


      I'm running InDesignServer CS5 on a windows machine.



      Or, if there are any other suggestions, I'm open to hearing them.. I've tried compiling my flex project with -use-network - and I've also set my Flash Global Security settings on the production server to allow the IDS server... but  no luck...


      thanks in advance...

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          I know this is very outdated, but in case someone else sees this.


          I tried to see if there's anywhere to put crossdomain.xml.  Nope.

          I tried to setup proxy to direct 80 and indesign port differently, but it still searches localhost at 80port


          Perhaps it is a security feature that doesn't allow indesign server to be called publicly on the web?