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    Embedded JPEG Extended images corrupted in Reader X, but not 9.4




      We're experiencing an issue where JPEG images embedded in PDFs display properly with Reader 9.4.2 and with third-party readers such as FoxIt, but experience color corruption when displayed with Reader 10.0.1.  Adjusting display settings has not helped.


      This only affects JPEG Extended images, i.e. non-progressive with a 16-bit quantization table, which quite a few pieces of software will produce at low quality settings.  JPEGs with 8-bit quantization tables, i.e. basically everything saved at higher quality levels, are not affected.


      I can provide a sample PDF if needed.


      Screenshot of the problematic PDF below.  The two images should look the same (though at different scales).  The first is a JPEG Extended image that displays properly in other PDF viewers and in 9.4.2, the second is the same image resaved at a higher quality level, and is what the first one should look like.




      Please advise on potential workarounds, or if this is a known issue.