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    J2EE deployment


      I'm just starting to look at running CFMX7 apps on a J2EE app server (IBM WebSphere in this case), and I have a concern about deployment. I know that it's very easy to create an .ear or .war file using CF Admin and then deploy that file on the J2EE server. My concern, however, is how incremental code changes can be deployed. From everything I've read, I would need to generate an entirely new .ear/.war file and deploy the entire application again. Compared to simply FTPing a .cfm (or .cfc, etc.) file to a standalone CF installation, that seems like an incredible pain in the butt.

      In a J2EE environment, is it possible to deploy small changes incrementally?

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          Stressed_Simon Level 1
          This is standard in large applications. Fortunately, there is an amazing automation tool called Ant makes life so much easier.
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            rchinoy Level 1
            Thanks, Simon. Not exactly the answer I was hoping for, but I'll take a look at Ant.
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              Stressed_Simon Level 1
              Yeah sorry I am afraid there is no magic bullet. I do find though in a proper release environment especially with a mature product these kinds of three template updates are rare. Ant makes deploying a product so much less painful, I was playing with some open source Java the other day and when I deployed it thier Ant script checked my machine downloaded what I was missing and updated my class path. If you couple Ant with a truely world class version control system like Subversion then these updates can be much less painful.