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    ‘Source play’ and ‘audio-video sync’ problems with PE8 on fast WIN7 64 bit computer


      I am transferring Hi8 videos, about 2 hours long, to my WIN7 64 bit computer with PE8.  [Dell Mobile Precision M4400 Computer Workstation (Intel Core 2 Duo T9900 500GB/4GB); NVIDIA Quadro FX 770M, 512MB] I seem to have several problems: 


      First, after importing the file (.avi), I get a message about ‘dropped frames.’ 

      Secondly, when I try to play the video in the source monitor, the audio plays but the video doesn’t; it only shows the first frame [this is after waiting until the video is ?recognized? ]   I can use the shift-arrow key and see that the video is there.

      Thirdly, I can play the .avi file in other players, e.g., avidemux or PE pro CS5 on another computer.  There, I see that the audio and video are not in sync; the audio can be up to 300 ms ahead of the video (as determined using avidemux). 


      1.  Why doesn’t the source monitor play the video? Is this a problem with PE8 (latest update as of 3 March 2011) on aWIN7 64 bit computer (intel duo core. 3 GHz).

      2. Is the audio-video sync problem the result of the ‘dropped frames?’ How can PE8 correct this? Avoid this? Or, is it coincidence?