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    Flash CS5 and FC Together? and other Q's

    Jim Wiley Level 1

      Hi All,

      I have a CD I am designing for a large group of people and needs.

      My non programming content creators need a tool - It maybe FC.

      I am using Director 11.5 so I can do a variety of things to the users from the CD runtime if I get user permission.

      It now plays AS3 Flash CS5 created SWF's


      I detect language/locale, programs installed, fonts and files.

      I play external movies and have a Acrobat Reader (INM) without loading any files or change settings for use on locked down systems.

      I use Flash CS5 and XML to play movies (video) and populate text fields/labels with translated text from the selected locale XML file external from GUI exe. (35 languages and counting ...)

      Unicode fonts are embedded in a set of shared SWF files.


      Does FC support the 'Strings' for variable language fields (see Other Panels in Flash CS5)?

      If it does not, can we use AS3 to change text fields in FC SWF's imported into my Flash SWF's


      The import of FC SWF's looked slow on the example by Chris G. - Is it? Is there a non Flex based better way?


      Can FC import from a dynamically created memory object used as bridge to exchange data between two objects? from Flash? from Director? (I haven't modeled this yet from the thread I read on a user group forum).


      Does FC support Right to Left and BiDi text?


      Can FC access the Flash SWF font files like other SWF files?


      All my Flash CS5 SWF pieces will be building themselves from external XML files. I have to model this for speed and memory use too.

      I'll come up with a method to load external FC SWF files - extensible GUI from a XML template.


      Sorry this is so long, but I needed to show the scope of my related issues.


      Jim Wiley

      Multimedia Development and Publications

      Zebra Technologies