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    Auto play transition loop


      I've been working on a banner for my page and have ran into some problems. I'm using the blank "hidden" .flv to auto transition to another state. The project is actually working but when switching from state to state some of my transitions are not showing. I'm not against trying something else as I've tried several things up to this point with no success.


      So I guess my quesitons are this...


      Is there a better way to create this looped banner style effect?


      and or


      What did I do wrong?


      I've uploaded my project for your viewing pleasure as I'm sure it helps to have the actual file in front of you.


      File Link: http://www.dropkag.net/forums/Adobe/page1cheader.fxp

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            This thread can be closed, I worked the issue out on my own.


            Just needed to step away and the solution was simple.

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              No.. please dont close this one.


              Its an important question..



              I mean FC needs a loop function to create banners, preloaders, screensaver, etc. very badly!


              I stoped working with FC because there was no way to create a small simple game that started with a looped screensaver (out of either a movie or an animation of objects on the first page) with an effect on touch (on a multitouch screen) that opens the first page and switched back to screensaver mode if a hidden button was pressed or the there where no interactions for a pre defined time.

              This kept me from presenting this time saving good product to my boss and get him to buy it for me (+training)


              So it would need the option to loop object, movies, actions by conditions and advanced loop option to create more powerful/special projects!