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    How do I add an autoSize function to a Tooltip (AS 2)?




      I downloaded an Interactive Map from Active Den ... it came with an XML file that allows me to change some parts, but the part thatI need to change is not covered in the XML ... it needs to be changed in the Action Script.


      You can see the map here http://vnd-ink.com/Pat/main/index1.html


      Basically when a landmark is moused over ... a box pops up that contains hrml (images, text. links, etc)


      The XML file allows me to set the max width of the pop up box.


      The issue is that i need a box that is 225 px wide ... I also need another box that is 400 px wide


      The XML only allows me the set one width ... so I need another box (one for vertical layout, and one for horizontal layout)


      I thought I could duplicate the pop up box mc, and the box's Action Script (give them different names) and that would work, but I don't know exactly which parts to edit.


      I posted the XML file, and the Action Script beneath the map here http://vnd-ink.com/Pat/main/index1.html


      Also, there is a screen shot of all movie clips, but the only mc that has any actions attached to it is "zoom_pan" it's at the very bottom of the list.


      Been working on this a couple of days now, and getting nowhere.


      If anyone could help, that would be great.