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    reg.cgi configuration on local server


      I am working on getting the sample application running and everything seems correct expect the reg.cgi configuration. When I run the test application, it does not correctly access the id manager that the script provides. I'm not sure why because I have it in my cgi-bin and have it mapped to the root of my webserver.


      Are there any specific options I need to add to my Apache config? Or do I need to change any configuration settings in the app itself? I'm very confused.


      The error message says idManagerError. There are more lines following that I can post if needed. Any thoughts?



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          I just went through the process. Here are a couple of things that might be wrong.


          - Specify the full path to the sqlite database, rather than relative.

          - You have to make sure your sqlite database is writable (by apache or the user that processes apache stuff), as well as the directory it's located.


          Hope that helps... if you have errors anywhere (in the apache log or anything) feel free to post them.



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            exxonvaldeez00 Level 1

            Awesome! Thank you


            I have been working on this the past couple of days and had figured those things out and they were pretty annoying so I'm sure they will be helpful to someone. I am not working on switching to a MySQL database so hopefully that works out.


            Thanks again!