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    open a link from exe.

    shift+f9 Level 1
      Hi frnds,
      When I am opening a link from a shell (exe or Projector), its opening behind the projector or exe.

      How can I make that browser window to get open over my project's exe ?

      Note: my projector is running in full screen mode and it is standalone not in a browser.

      pls help me !!!

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          rechtut Level 1

          it is been a while since i messed around with javascript, but there is a very simmple javascript command that can go in the HEAD of your html code.




          or something like that (any javascript site will give you a snippet).


          based on you description the problem you might find is another:


          once the browser is opened on top and you them click on your app again, the browser window will go behind and there is no way to bring it forward again unless you minimize you app.