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    How to back up SD digital files before import?


      Hi folks,

      I'm using a Sony HDR CX550V on a Mac, recording in Standard Def, and I'd  like to take the MPEG-2 files from my camera and back them up onto my  external firewire drive before importing to Premiere.

      When I mount the camera's internal drive, a bunch of different folders  come up (see screenshot below).

      A couple of questions:
      1. Am I okay to just copy the movie files (for example M2U00001.MPG) or  do they require other files in the directory in order to function  properly?  i.e. are the MPG files self-contained or do they reference  other files like AVCHD does?
      2. If I am okay to just backup the MPG files, am I also okay to swap them between a Mac and PC?
      3. Any other common mistakes I should watch out for to avoid corrupting my data?  Lessons learned / online guides would be much appreciated.

      My project requires that I go to a tapeless workflow and I'm worried about losing any data Thanks again for any and all advice.