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    Protecting CD Distributed Flash Application

    ChrisH Level 1

      Hi All,

      I have an application developed in Falsh (EXE) that is to be distributed on CD-Rom and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on protecting the application from copying.


      Is there a way within the dev environment I can "stamp" it to prevent copying, or another technique?


      I don't mean using getDate(), getMonth(), getFullYear(), etc.

      I have used this to create an expiry date on versions that are being distributed, which then shows an out of date message (which can be easily worked around with the system clock unfortunately).


      But I wish to protect the disk from being copied, and wondered if there was any techniques from within Flash to do so.


      Glass mastering and watermarking is not viable as it'll only be a very small duplication run (10, maybe 20 disks).


      Alternatively, are there any stable utilities that anyone has used (and recommends), prior to me investigating available commercial copy protection software?

      Thank you.


      Best Regards