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    Generating WebHelp in RH9 creates a CSS file for every chapter!

    rchrdgrace Level 1

      We've found, moving over from WebWorks to RoboHelp (due to prohibitive upgrade costs) that our CSS spec works fine imported into RoboHelp 9.0. We are using Frame 10 without significant issues. When we import a Frame document or book into RH9, using our spec along with the reconfigured Import Settings file, no significant problems arise.


      What we do find is that, with one of our books that contains over 800 topics in the form of individual chapter files in Frame (very few of which are longer than a portrait page), importing the book goes fine but when we generate Web Help, each topic comes out fine in WebHelp format but each topic has a companion CSS file. In this way, each of our 4-6-10 KB topic HTML files has a hulking 100K CSS file flying wingman in each separate chapter/topic output folder. You can imagine what an organizational nightmare this can be.


      This is completely unacceptable.


      (1) How the heck do we turn this off? I have also reproduced this with a test project using three chapters - each has its own companion CSS file, named after the imported chapter!


      (2) Another quirk I've discovered is that the "wingman" CSS files insist on setting many tags at font sizes in PIXELS rather than point sizes. This does not work well to say the least. I'm hoping I can eliminate this by eliminating the wingman files. They should be completely unnecessary. I've been checking out the RoboHelp options and nothing seems to apply. Going back to try again.



      Rich G.