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    Basic Color Questions

    southwestform Level 1

      1. How can I create a custom color with the Mixer and save it to the Swatches Panel?


      2. Is it possible to create groups of colors like in Illustrator, where you can have a small folder in the swatches panel with specific colors you want to use on a project?


      3. I chose Clear Swatches from the Swatches flyout menu, how do I bring them back?



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          Linda Nicholls Level 4

          Fill an object with your color, and then, while the fill tool is still selected, pass your cursor over the swatches panel. You'll see the pointer cursor change into a paint bucket. Click on an empty spot on the Swatches panel to add the new color to it. You can create custom sets of swatches by 1) choosing Clear Swatches from the Swatch panel menu, and 2) adding your own colors as above. Once you've built your custom set,  open the Swatches panel menu again and choose Save Swatches. To switch back to the default set, choose Color Cubes from the menu.



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            southwestform Level 1

            1. it is trying to save my new .ase swatches to my documents folder by default. Where on a Mac are the other swatches saved?


            2. Is it possible to edit a swatch after saving it to the swatches panel?


            3. Is the limited color palette of the past (web safe colors) still an issue? Can I use any colors I like and expect them to display properly?






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              Linda Nicholls Level 4

              1. I'm too lazy to search my hard drive for the place where they live. :-)

              2. You can add new colors but will need to rebuild it to remove any.

              3. You don't need to worry too much about web sae colors any more. The colors may look somewhat different on someone elses machine, but as long as they are viewing the page in a modern machine with display set to 32 bit color, they won't be far off.

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                southwestform Level 1

                After clicking on a fill color in the toolbox, and then clicking on the color wheel icon in the upper left:


                1. If I drag up in a color in the wheel, is this brightening it up and by lowering it, is it lowering the brightness?

                2. is the slider on the right saturating and desatruating the color selected in the wheel?

                3.) using the color mixer, how do you lighten/darken and saturate/desaturate colors?





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                  Linda Nicholls Level 4

                  Dragging in the wheel just changes the color. Dragging the slider up increases the amount of white in the color. Dragging down on the slider increases the amount of black. The easiest way (IMHO) to lighten & darken, saturate and desaturate is to use the color sliders and set the mode to HSB.