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    Adobe Reader X: Problem inserting Adobe PDF files in MS Word


      Windows XP/MS Office 2007/Adobe Reader X 10.0.1:


      The following issue has been occuring since we started to use Adobe Reader X.


      In MS Word 2000/2007/2010 when I try to insert an Adobe Acrobat Document Object via "Insert/Object/Adobe Acrobat Document" with "Display as Icon" activated I receive an Error: "The program used to create this object is AcroExch.  That program is not installed on your computer...". So no Link is inserted.


      By deselecting "Use Protected Mode at startup" in Adobe Reader the error notification does not appear any more and the pdf-link can be inserted properly.


      Is there any other solution to this problem, since we don't want to deactivate the protected mode in Adobe reader per dafault?

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          I too am looking for this answer and have experience the same issue.  This also applies to copying and pasting the file as an object in Word or Excel (example - copy a PDF file from the file system or Outlook attachment and paste it into Word or Excel).  Hoping to find an official Adobe resonse.  I have seen similar threads "disappear" from this forum without a resolution but you can still find them in google cache.