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      How do I link to a file so that HTML-Help does not try to load the file in its own browser? I am using a JavaScript found on this url: http://alexandra.di.uoa.gr/mmtech/msTech/2_VBSCRIPT/PDFs/Scripting%20Guide.pdf. [RoboHTML's interface for linking to files doesn't seem to work.] What happens is that, contrary to the web site, HTML-Help tries to load any file (not just .txt and .chm) into the HTML-Help browser. In the case of PDF files, the browser corrupts the PDF file. [A bonus!]

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
          Welcome to the forum.

          "RoboHTML's interface for linking to files doesn't seem to work."

          Tell us how it doesn't work for you and we can help. I just added a PDF to baggage, highlighted some text, dragged the PDF to the text I had selected and it created a link. When I clicked that link in the CHM file, it opened a new window which is what you want.

          Then you say it corrupts the PDF. I have never seen RoboHelp corrupt a PDF. Can you be more specific?