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    Not rich enough to afford wrong choices. Help me choose components to build a system for CS5.

    SuperCrawler Level 1

      I'm a newbie to Adobe and to computer systems.

      I want to build a system primarily for Adobe CS5 Master Collection, within my budget.


      I have on my list:


      CPU: Intel's Core i5-2500K

      Graphics Card: Geforce GTX 470


      Question 1:

      If matched with the right components, can the above CPU and graphics card afford me to work with Adobe CS5 Master Collection without editing obstacles from spec/architectural drawbacks?


      Question 2:


      To get the best performance with the above components without bottlenecks -


      1. Which motherboard will go nicely with the CPU and graphics card listed above?

      2. How much RAM will be enough?

      3. What kind of hard disk drives should I get?

      4. How many hard drives should I get?

      5. What size power supply should I get?

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