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    Connecting to a web service inside a library folder


      Hi there,

      We have a number different projects in the same workspace which all do similar things (but desktop player/ desktop editor, browser player/editor etc...).

      They all use classes in a shared library folder (web services, modules, events etc...).

      This was fine in Flex 3. We have upgraded to flex 4 and things were OK. The web services in the shared library came down from CVS ok and worked).

      However, I have written new web services in PHP. They work fine in a Flex 4 Project folder but Flex won't even let me import data services into a library, giving me the message:

      "This action is only available for Flex projects".

      Is there a setting that I can change that will allow me to connect to data inside a library?

      Also, why would Flex 4 not allow this?