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    Render Freeze/Crash at the end - program not responding


      Hi guys


      Im at my end with this problem and would appreciate a solution or explination to the problem im having.


      when i render my project for final output it renders all frames and gets to the end on the progress bar but as soon as it seems to finish it freezes. So it does not seem to finalize. (program goes into "not responding") i have left it for up to 4 hours and still it simply hangs. this is happening with all projects and scenes regardless of the resolution or memory allocation.


      im running CS4 with windows 7 and have version 9.0.3 of After Effects. im also using the latest optical flares plugin with all updates. my hardware is Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 CPU 920@2.67GHz   2.66GHz

      insalled RAM is 4GB with 3.24GB usable

      32 bit operating system


      Graphics card is NVIDIA Ge-Force GTX285 with 2GB of independant memory


      Please help me find some path to solve this problem


      thank you