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    Transparency workflow


      Ok, after getting 0 search results for 'transparency' in the adobe fireworks forums I'll ask a question that's probably been asked before.


      I'll often work on a graphic in photoshop which uses transparency. If I select or drag it into Fireworks, the opacity data isn't transferred and is instead converted to opaque white.


      I know I can save the graphic, then import/open it in Fireworks but I'd rather not have to take this unnecessary step.


      Fair enough that you (mostly) can't directly drag or copy PNGs from a browser, as they don't always get the opacity data. But from Photoshop? C'mon - what gives?


      Is there a way to do this, or should I still just pretend that £2000 for the pinnacle of integrated graphics applications that is CS5 shouldn't really include this feature?


      In my experience, the same applies to Illustrator, not just Fireworks.


      Please make me eat my words! Please.