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    What is the BEST file format for editing HD in CS5?

    digitlman Level 1

      We are building a remote production truck and it will be tapeless with all hard disk video recording. We have not decided on what brand of disk based recording system we are getting.

      I am looking for opinions of what the most ideal file format to capture in HD for editing in CS5? What is the highest quality yet fastest and most efficient for editing basic 1080i30 or 1080p30 video for broadcast?

      There are so many devices that capture quicktime but quicktime is crippled to 32bit in windows and we want to avoid it.


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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Capturing with HD resolution is only possible with tape based HDV cameras. All other HD formats can not be captured, only imported. The best format depends on the capabilities of the camera and your delivery format.

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            digitlman Level 1

            I'm sorry i guess i didn't mean to confuse you with the word "capture" in that question. there are

            tons of hard disk based recording systems out there that "capture" our video to a disk into a file we can import into premiere and edit.


            This will be a live production truck, video will come out of our production switcher SDI into some companies recording device which will have a plethora of codec choices to record with. We want to choose a product that will give us files that will work best in premiere CS5 with gtx460 gfx cards and matrox axio le hardware.  Just wanted to see if anyone who has edited various codecs has noticed if any seem to work faster and better then others.


            there are many companies we are looking at that make such disk based recorders including nnovia,aja,panasonic/p2, fast forward, etc...


            i want to avoid quicktime and am more interested in mpeg4, or mpeg4 part10 (h264), or p2, omf, mxf are possibilities, any opinions?

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              Colin Brougham Level 6

              The part about QuickTime handling being only 32-bit is a half-truth. Premiere Pro CS5 has the capability to natively decode and playback certain codecs even when they're in an MOV container, maintaining a 64-bit workflow. These codecs include things like DVCPRO50, DVCPRO HD, H.264, and some flavors of MPEG2. Other codecs for which Premiere doesn't have native decoding, like ProRes for instance, do use the 32-bit QuickTime process.


              It would depend on what particular hardware you're looking into that will determine the codec used. For example, the AJA devices like the Ki Pro and Ki Pro Mini use ProRes to record to QuickTime MOVs; these edit fine in Premiere Pro, even if it isn't "native," and they work on both Windows and Mac machines. You mentioned nNovia--they don't exist any more, but are now DataVideo. I think those are all primarily MPEG2 recording to transport streams. The Panasonic stuff will use DVCPRO HD and (maybe) AVC Intra.


              Since you're already stuck in the Matrox realm, you could consider one of the Matrox MXO products; of course, you'll need to be tethered to a PC/Mac in that case. I'm not sure if there are recorders that use the Matrox codecs; I seem to remember that the old Focus Enhancements FireStore FS100 had a Matrox option. Personally, I'm not at all a fan of Matrox--been down that road before--but knowing how finicky Matrox is, I think you'd find moderately better results by not straying too far from their particular codecs.

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                jkosmicki Level 2

                CineForm is hands down the highest quality codec in the business, www.cineform.com. They have the CineDDR direct-to-disk recording system as well. There is also www.cinedeck.com.

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                  digitlman Level 1

                  Unfortunately Cineform is a scary prospect to us. It might be better now but we had

                  tried using their HDV plugin and codecs when they came out years ago and it was honestly a nightmare.


                  I am sure they have fixed all the bugs by now but i would rather not have to rely on an external plugin and codecs for compatibility. i would rather use something that premiere cs5 supports natively. we have 8 editing machines on a shared fibrechannel san and would not want to buy new software for all of them anyways.

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                    Jim_Simon Level 8

                    My first choice would probably be AVC-I.  At 100 Mb/s, it's a full raster (1920 x 1080) intra-frame codec, using a 10 bit color and 4:2:2 subsampling.


                    It's a Master Quality format on par with D5, but at much smaller file sizes.  It's also fully compliant with the MPEG 4 Part 10 and additionally follows the SMPTE RP 2027-2007 recommended practice specification