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    Syncing Audio with video

    rowby Level 1



      I have a short sequence of clips where I deleted my video, leaving my audio.


      Now I want to bring back the video for each clip.


      So I am looking for the in and out points of the audio clips so I can match them up with the orginal video clip.


      When I look at properties on the audio clip it just gives me duration of the clip.


      When I hover over the audio clip it just gives me in and out points based on where the clip is at the point in the timeline.


      What can I bring up that will let me find the ins and outs of the audio clips so that I can match them up with the same in and outs of the video.

      (I'm getting an inkling of how to do this as I write this question.  But I'll let the others here make their suggestions in case there are various ways to do this, that would be helpful to all.)





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          Colin Brougham Level 6

          Use Match Frame. Park the CTI at the beginning of the audio clip in the sequence, and make sure your audio tracks are targeted. Press the M key; this will load the original master clip into the Source Monitor cued to the frame you're trying to match. Mark an in point (I key), and then right-click the time ruler in the Source Monitor and select Go to Clip Marker > Audio Out. Mark an out point (O key). Drag just the video to your sequence, so that it matches your audio. Select video and audio, and Link the clips. Repeat.