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    Tabbing into advanced data grid with invisible columns does not work.


      I have an AdvancedDataGrid with 4 columns initially hidden. Depending on some criteria they have chosen one of the columns will be displayed. In my Grid I have an amount field that is a custom text renderer (itemeditor). So in total on my form I have 4 dropdown boxes, 1 AdvancedDataGrid, a textinput and 2 button. If they start tabbing through, when the focus hits the grid the entire grid gets focus, and not the first editable cell in the datagrid like the regular DataGrid does.


      Does anyone know how I can get this to work? I've looked at the AdvancedDataGrid code and it seems there's a bug in the code. Here's the code from the AdvancedDataGridBaseEx.as file below:


      for (;
                           _editedItemPosition.columnIndex != _columns.length;
                          // If the editedItemPosition is valid, focus it,
                          // otherwise find one.
                          if (_columns[_editedItemPosition.columnIndex].editable &&
                              var row:Array = listItems[_editedItemPosition.rowIndex];
                              if (row && row[_editedItemPosition.columnIndex])

                                  foundOne = true;


      The highlighted text seems to be what's wrong. My grid has 9 columns total 4 of which are not visible initially. If I walk into this code the row[_editedItemPosition.columnIndex] will return null because the index is 8, but the row array only contains 5 columns. I could just be reading this wrong so I wanted to post this here before actually submitting a bug.


      Thanks in advanced for the help.