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    Editing non standard video sizes


      Hello everyone.


      I have a load of video which is 1120 x 593 its basically screen capture video from my PC in mov format.  All i want to do is edit these clips together and add some nice effects.  So anyway i toddled off and bought a copy of of premier elements and started movie making!


      Anyway i can't seem to figure out how to retain the size of my video as ive got to use a project template, which is great if you are using video from a device but my video is a non standard size.  Surely there is a way of doing this? 


      Do i have to make sure that my imput video matches one of the template, surely not?  You must be able somehow to do your own size?



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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Premiere Elements only allows for standard video frame size, helidecks, and, ideally, works with video from consumer camcorders.


          Screen capture video doesn't make the best source for the program, and you may find, even if you import it into the program, you may run into codec issues (depending on which program created the video).


          How do you plan to distribute this video? If online or via DVD or BluRay disc, it makes sense to use one of the standard frame rates anyway.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Welcome to the forum.


            If your material is from Camtasia, or CamStudio, this ARTICLE might give you some tips.


            If the video screen-cap comes from FRAPS, then this ARTICLE might be useful.


            Good luck,



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              helidecks1 Level 1

              Thank you for replying.


              Basically I like to fly x-plane flight simulator which gives you the ability to record your flying and outputs the video as a high quality mov. I wanted to use premier elements just to make a movie of different clips and just add a few effects and titles  I was just going to output them as fla to watch on my pc or the web.  Or as Mpeg 4 to put into powerpoints


              I tried using some of the presets but the quality is either awful or i get the black border.


              I seems that only the profesional edition allows you to set the frame to desktop and use a custom size.   I just can't believe that you need to spend £500 on the CS5 edition to do this? I'm not wanting to do anything clever here, just change the video size.


              Ive got a sinking feeling ive just wasted £75.

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                nealeh Level 5

                Try some of the standard presets that are bigger than your footage - e.g 1280x720. If you can find one that works with your clip you could then export with black borders and crop it in PowerPoint.


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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  You might look into several video conversion programs, and let them Scale your material to match one of the Presets, as Neale mentions.


                  PrE has added several Presets over the years, but has not added the customizable Desktop Preset. PrE is geared more toward traditional video footage, from traditional sources.


                  Now, you might want to look into either CyberLink's PowerDirector, or Magix MovieEdit Pro. While I have older versions of each, what I do not know is if the newer ones offer custom Presets. If they do, you will be pretty close.


                  Also, what is the Video format and CODEC produced by the program? That could be an issue too.


                  Good luck,