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    url variable assistance

      i am using the tutorial file "scriptassist_complete.fla" to perform a custom task. This file comes with Flash.
      i want to embed the swf file in several different html files in a dingle directory.
      Then, based on the URL, jump to a label (home, about, product or contact) and stop. So when you load any page that contains the swf the swf jumps to the corresponding label without having to click a button in the swf.
      The problem is i don't know how to capture the url parse it to get just the file name of the html file and use that to jump to gotoAndStop at a label.
      That's it.
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          MaxManNH Level 2
          Seems to me you would be much better off just adding a flashvar to your html and your swf. Anytime your swf loads it will repopulate the flashvar and then you would have a string with just the name of the frame.
          Granted it would add a few lines of custom code to your html instead of your swf, but that seems simpler then trying to parse the URL if you can even capture the URL