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    Month/Year reverse countdown help needed

    rsinclair Level 1
      I need to create a simple reverse countdown that only needs the detail level of Months and Years. All of the tutorials I've found online are for counting down smaller intervals of time, like days, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds.

      I'm not very experienced with the code needed for such a timer, but essentially what I would like to have happen is:

      1. The current Month and Year are displayed onscreen.
      2. I click the mouse, and the Month and Year begin to count BACKWARDS, as if going back in time, so the Year would go from 2007, to 2006, to 2005, etc, while the 12 months of the year would count down in reverse to coincide with the Year.
      3. When I click the mouse again, the countdown stops at whatever month/year it happens to be, I assume all the way back to the Year 0 if I let it play to the end.

      BONUS points if this reverse countdown could speed up over time, so that it appears to begin slowly, and rapidly speed up as the timer goes further back in time.

      Note that I do not need to use the ACTUAL date taken from the computer's clock, I'd be happy to just enter in, say "June 2007" as the start date and have it reverse from there. So even something that would just countdown from the numeral "2007" to "0" while a movieclip of the 12 months cycling along could work, though I have no concept as to how to control/increase the speed of such an animation as it plays.