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    Conditionally hide an image in grid renderer if data is empty?

    Handycam Level 1

      I have a project that mostly uses Spark Lists.  For some of the items in my collection, a particular image might not exist or be required; I leave that XML node empty.  This is working fine in the spark renderer for the List, like this:


      <mx:Image width="120" source="images/logos/{XML(data).logo}" visible="{XML(data).logo.length>0}" />


      However, in this project I also need to use a PrintDataGrid of the same data for printing.


      But for some reason, a similar approach just leads to the images printing anyway, which of course print as "broken" images.


      <mx:DataGridColumn width="120">
                     <mx:Image width="120" height="75"  source="images/logos/{XML(data).logo}" visible="{XML(data).logo.length>0}"   />


      How can I not show the image in the PrintDataGrid when appropriate, as I can with the List?