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    Error: Crash in progress <2524> <unconstrain fpsif appropriate>

    Emily Henricks

      Hi All,


      I've been searching the help forums but have been unsuccessful in finding the same error that I have been getting and a possible solution.


      This is the error I get:


      AE error: Crash in progress. Last logged message was <2524><unconstrainFPSifAppropriate><5> setting ADBE Video FPS constraint off.


      What does this mean and how can I resolve it?


      I am working on an HPZ600 workstation, running windows, using After Effects CS5.


      Thanks in advanced for your help and time

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          What does this mean and how can I resolve it?


          What were you actually doing? What is your comp size, render settings etc.? This looks like a specific message for a format that is normally bound to specific specs (like MPEG-2 DVD or H.264 etc.) but by setting some option you have overriden this behavior somehow...



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            Emily Henricks Level 1

            Thanks for your speedy reply.


            It seems to happen when I scrub through the timeline trying to get to my various comps. My comps are primarily 1280x 720 at 23.976. Within those comps I may have a nested comp that may be of a larger size 1024x1500 at the largest. I am using the puppet tool on some things and using exr's for some of my footage. I am not using any MPEG-2 DVD or H.264 footage within my comps. I do render out as H.264 sometimes but that is not when the error occurs. Please let me know if there is any more information I can provide you so that we may resolve this issue.



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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              Mmh, could you perhaps have mixed framerates due to different comp settings or a wrong footage interpretation? Or do you use time-stretching/ time-remapping? This is beginning to sound like a specific problem created by a combination of these. The best guess I can come up with is that you are using some footage with a different frame rate in your Puppet comp and it's throwing off the Puppet tool, perhaps because the content of the warped layer changes in unpredicatble ways (to the effect unpredictabel at any rate). Distortion tools are quite touchy in that regard...



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                pip * Level 1

                I'm having similar problems using Red Giant's Shine in CS5 10.0.1 on a Mac Pro running 10.6.6

                Source footage is from a Canon 7D shot against a green screen at 60 fps.

                Next step is Keylight and rendered out at 60 fps.

                These clips are then changed to 30 fps using the Interpret Footage dialogue panel and imported into a 30 fps comp.


                Problems seem to come when animating the "source Point" in Shine.

                Sometimes After Effects crashes and reports: <unconstrainFPSifAppropriate><5> setting ADBE  Video FPS constraint off.

                Other times it just hangs with the spinning beachball and I have to force quit.


                It may be coincidental but the problems seem to be happening since I tried to update to 10.0.2 using the retail update.

                This updater did not complete and Adobe Application Manager gave the following dialogue:

                "Some updates failed to install.

                Update is not applicable".


                As yet I have had no response to a post I made regarding the update problem on this forum 4 days ago or from a bug report sent to tech support.


                I've tried trashing the preferences but that hasn't fixed the problem.

                Any help would be appreciated.




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                  I just wanted to try and bring this thread back to life -- I have been having this problem with CS5, and now with CS5.5. 


                  I can't make any sense of what causes it, honestly.  Seems to happen randomly. 


                  We use a lot of expressions, if that could be a cause.  Expressions on all kinds of properties, but no effects or plugins.  Anybody have any advice on how to avoid this crash?




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                    I'm using the same stuff with expressions, puppets on comps and precomps and even plugins.

                    My comp framerate is ok.
                    Crash causes during scrubbing forward and backward the timeline.


                    As I can see - only a few people have met it...