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    CS5 Capture with wrong aspect ratio

    info@filmundton.de Level 1

      Hi, I'm using CS5 with Matrox Axio. I try to capture normal DV material 16:9 (real 16:9 by Sony Z5) via firewire. In the record window it is shown correctly. In the scene-manager the file is stored as 4:3 720x576 (1,0940) although it's real 16:9 720x576 (1,4587). I can change this by interpret footage. Here I can change this and everything is correct. But it must be possible to capture in the right aspect without change each recorded clip. The Sequence Settings are of course DV-PAL Widescreen. It doesn't matter if I capture in an Adobe Project (DV-PAL WIDE) or in a Matrox Project (Matrox SD DV-PAL Wide). Every time my captured 16:9 footage is stored in 4:3. Wha's going wrong? Greeting from Germany Walter