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    custom projector window

    orangered11 Level 1
      could you tell me, if there is a possibility to manipulate/custumize the titelbarappearance of the projector window in director. Like a skinthing? I would like to know the look of this window. I am a little bit rosty in using director so I would be happy vor a hint (third part software, programming, or just activating an option in dir?)
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          You can set a mask for the projector window, chech the property inspector for the movie
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            orangered11 Level 1
            Thanks for answering.
            I know about this function, but this is to manipulate the form of the projector. Or did i miss a thing?
            What I am searching for is: you have a projetor window (not fullscreen) and everything looks like the windows window. The user , for example, has a setup with pinky colored windows window. I would like to show the projector window in my way . for example: green. Because of the whole appearance of my project. I know that there a third party programs for flash, where you can influence this. My question is: is there a solution for director too?