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    Flex Builder 3 - No easy access to code


      I've just tried Flex Builder 3 and it seems that there's no easy way to get to the code behind a component from the design view. I first would have to go to the source of the page and then create an <mx:Script> tag and then add my function. When I'm through I would have to then enter the name of the function inside the component tag to link it to the event.

      IMO it would be much faster and easier if I could just right-click on the component from design view then select a menu option (eg. Events) that will show all the event names (eg. click, mousedown, etc) of the component. By clicking on an event name the flex builder will take me to the location inside the source where the event handler function is located. If no function exists for then event as yet then it should automatically create a function for me using the id of the component and the event name. This would make it so much easier to write flex codes.

      In addition it would be great if Flex Builder could auto generate IDs for newly added components. So if I drag and drop a button on the screen then the auto id for my first button will be button1. And if I should add another then it would be button2 and so on.