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    Issue with button hit area [file link here]

    Deaf Mike Level 1




      Trying to figure out how to use hit function so that is makes a button work, but don't want the hit to bring on effects unexpectedly.


      FLA is here:



      When you hover the pin above, the pop-up box and video [the video will not actually play because it's a 5 MB file and I didn't want to include it in this forum post] comes on.  All works well except for one thing; when you point your cursor in the area of the video box, but you don't touch the pin, it still comes on.  The reason is because I made the hit area cover both pin and video box.  I'm wondering how to do this so that the video only comes on when cursor hovers on pin only.  I want to allow user to move their mouse up to video box too in case I want to put a link there or something.