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    Controlling scrollbar sensitivity in Reader.


      I've seen posts concerning the want to speed up the scrollbar sensitivity in Reader, but I have the opposite problem, i.e., how to make it less twitchy?

      I would think this is a scaleablity issue where the larger the document the larger amount of space is scrolled per "click" (whatever the measurment is) of the scrollbar. It's this "click" amount that I'd like to adjust.

      As it is, when reading a large document I consistently reach for the mouse to pull down the scrollbar tab and the most minor movement moves the document multiple pages from my current location leaving me with having to navigate back to my original location.

      I try to remember to use the arrow keys (using these has it's own irritating characteristics), but it's pretty habitual to use the scrollbar interface.

      If this isn't configurable is there a process for requesting product feature additions?