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    Bad Param breaks RemoteObject call

    Muaddib2004 Level 1

      During some localization testing I ran into an issue where a remote method (server-side) is called from the flex client via a RemoteObject, but the call doesn't seem to make it to the service where the method lies (the breakpoint in the server-side java class is never hit) -- when passing an object that contains multibyte encoded string; it just seems to float off into the ether...  (btw, the breakpoint *is* hit if the parameter doesn't contained encoded multibyte characters)




      Is there any logging on the server-side (or client-side for that matter) where the conversion of the parameters takes place?  Perhaps there is come invalid character in the localized object that is being sent across that is breaking the conversion process (from ActionScript objects to Java objects)?   At this point I am not certain if the call is even making it across the wire.


      Can someone give me any ideas on how to resolve this issue? Any help would be appreciated.