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    Import previously time coded and formatted closed caption file.




      I am trying to import a .xml format of a time coded file that contains precise timing for closed captions. The only option I have seen is to use the built-in closed caption feature in Captivate. The built in feature those nice for short videos and non professional time coding and transcription is great. However, for truly professional quality and timing (expecially for really long videos) I need to be able to import a professionally done time coded transcript and have it then sync with my video. Is this possible? I haqve been trying importing .xml files and other import methods to no avail. Can anyone shed light on this?

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          The Import/Export option in Captivate works when you want to Import the XML which is generated by Exporting a Captivate project only. For example, for project1.cptx, Export to XML. This creates project1.xml. Only this XML can be imported back into Project1.cptx. Any other XML, which is not generated from project1.cptx does not get to be imported. Hence, the external XML which contains closed captioning in this case will not be imported into a Captivate project.