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    Enable signatures in Reader


      When I create a document in Acrobat 9 Pro with signature lines, Reader recipients do not have the option available to sign the document.  When they select Document|Sign, all the options are greyed out.  Do I need to do something within Acrobat to enable the function in Reader?

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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Yes, you have to Reader-enable the document. In Acrobat, select: Advanced > Extend Features in Adobe Reader

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            kmwallace Level 1

            Thank you. This works.


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              kmwallace Level 1

              Thanks to all for the suggestions. 

              Enabling the signatures was successful but now we've found that using the Adobe LiveCycle form isn't as intuitive for our users as a simple Word template.  Is there a simple way to fill out a form in Word and export it to PDF to manage the signatures?  Word is great for filling out the form but it's signature functions are lacking.  Our form needs to be completed by a manager, locked down except for a comments field.  The comments field is to be locked after the first signature.  The document then needs an additional three successive signatures.

              Ideally, we would like to fill the form out in Word and then let Adobe take care of the signature processes.