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    How to tell if your graphics card supports MoleHill

    Charbs09 Adobe Employee

      If you get rendering issues or only playback in software there is a way to determine if your graphics card should support MoleHill.  Please download the exe found here (Win only) http://zp.amsnet.pl/cdragan/d3dcaps.html and run it.  In the same directory you will see a 'devcaps.txt' file.  In that file there are two lines that tell whether MoleHill is supported:



      PIXEL_SHADER_VERSION            FFFF0200


      Ignore the FFFE/FFFF values, the values that are important are the 0200 numbers.  Those values must be greater than 0200 (not equal to) in order to support MoleHill.


      Note that VERTEX_SHADER_VERSION and PIXEL_SHADER_VERSION show up twice in the file, the first ones pertain to d3d8 and will have values around 0104, ignore those, the important values are the second ones.


      If your values are greater than 0200 and you are experiencing issues with rendering in HW please post the log and configuration info here and I will log bugs on them.