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    MC motiontween with smooth stroke scaling?

    isamguy0 Level 1

      i have a MC of a circle with a stroke

      i motiontweened the circle to scale larger, but the stroke is scaling up proportionally...


      is there any way to maintain stroke weight when motiontween-upscaling a shape?


      just when i think i'm on a roll with this program, i'm stumped like every 30min.s, nightmare!

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          isamguy0 Level 1

          aight, i'm in CS5...


          and in the properties of my MC circle

          Stroke = 2pt

          Style = Solid


          then below that is 'Scale' (Contain Stroke Scaling in the Player)

          I've set that to None in stead of Normal... it just keeps reverting back to Normal, why won't it wooork


          [to be clear, the animation is a MC called circle_shape nested into a MC called circle - i'm motiontweening an instance of circle_shape in circle]




          is there a way i could edit the style of 'hairline' to be appear thicker? assuming 'hairline' is intended to be a constant-width option...

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            Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            It sounds like you were trying to do the right thing.  You want to select the drawing of the line and in the properties panel set the Scale option to None.  If that keeps setting itself back for some reason, the only thing I can suggest is try to create the object with the settings for the line again from scratch, and then add the tweening for the movieclip again and see if that helps... maybe some ghost is hanging around from previous attempts.

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              isamguy0 Level 1

              thanks for the response, yeah it seems i just needed to restart the program and start a new document


              something else that was throwing me off - i started with a VERY small shape with a 2pt stroke (looked like a small blob) bursting into a full sized shape

              so when i clicked on the Scale > None with a zoomed-in view... I think Flash gave me some automated optomized visual of the shape where it visually scaled down my stroke at the tiny level so i could view the shape's path... but in actuallity, during testing, maintained the width i had specified... i think?


              anyway, it's workin, Scale > None did the trick, as it should haha!


              thanks again!